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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Trip to Mekedatu

Our team has recently been to Mekedatu. Mekedatu is 98 kms towards south from Bangalore. The Cauvery River squeezes through a deep and narrow gorge over which a goat could leap. That's how Mekedatu (pronounced Maykay Daatu) got its name. Just 3 km from this spot is Sangama, the confluence of Cauvery and Arakavathi where there is a temple dedicated to Sangameshwara.

I must say that the trip is very enjoyable and the team is at its best in making the trip success. Read on the following link to find a summary of the trip written by 'Prashanth'.


  • Hi Aravind,

    Its Prashanth here, not sure if you recollect, I was in Wipro-JPMC-Phoneix-Data Tier team. Could you send over a copy of trip report to mekedatu ? the geocities link is no longer valid.

    Its been a long while, hope you and your family are doing great (I remember ur bday is on 15th Aug and your son's is on 1st Jan)....

    more after your reply.

    - Prashanth

    By Blogger REDD, at November 12, 2009 at 8:08 PM  

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