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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Our Baby Boy - Adit

We are blessed with a cute baby boy on 1st January, 2004. 1st January it is really a special day indeed. Beginning of the new year, and beginning of new chapter in our lives. It is the morning 9:36 AM I have heard the first cry of our baby. Baby is so cute, and I can never forget my first glimpse of the baby. It is really a wonderful feeling and to know what it is you have to experience it. I am sure Lalitha has better experience than me.

We have named the baby as 'Adit' (ädith - 'the beginning' in sanskrit ) on 14th of January. It is a tradition in India to name the baby on an auspicious day after few days of birth.

For all those who want have a look at Adit:


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